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Silver Lake Resident Survey

The City of Silver Lake is engaging in a strategic planning process, led by the Center of Community Supports at Greenbush (CCS). A Comprehensive Plan is both a vision for the future and a blueprint for how to get there. The Comprehensive Plan will create a framework for the future of the City of Silver Lake.

Perspectives from residents in the school district and other stakeholders are being sought as part of the planning process. Your responses are anonymous and will be reported as a whole. Some questions ask for written responses. Responses may be seen by those on the City Council and others, and will be in a report that CCS will provide to the City Council post-survey.

Thank you for helping make our community great! We appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your feedback.

1. What do you think should be the City of Silver Lake's top three priorities? (Choose up to three.)
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2. Which of the following do you feel the City of Silver Lake should be investing in financially? (Choose all that apply.)
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3. Would you support increased funding to the City in order to pay for the items you've identified as most important to you?

(Examples of possible ways to generate funding include a sales tax, mill increase, or fee-based services.)
Demographic Information
6. How old are you?
7. What is your gender?
8. Do you live inside the city limits of Silver Lake?