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Crawford County ARPA Extended Child Care Grant Application

Through funding from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), the Crawford County Commission is providing a second opportunity for facilities that provide child care or preschool services in Crawford County to receive a one-time grant to support operations.

To be eligible for up to $2,000*, organizations must operate in Crawford County. Additionally, organizations must meet the following criteria.

1. A licensed child care provider with a full or temporary license from KDHE on or before January 30, 2023 (licensed for 99 or less) OR a school district with a preschool program (serving any number of students).

2. Applicant DID NOT apply for a small child care grant from the Commission in November 2022. (Applicants who requested funding from the previous round of applications are ineligible.)

Licensed child care centers, family day care homes, group day care homes, and preschools licensed by KDHE are eligible (licensed for 99 or less), as are school district-administered preschool programs. (Up to one grant per district or per licensed facility will be awarded.)

*The Crawford County Commission may reduce, prorate, or not fund applications should requests exceed available funding. 

Funds may be used for:

1. Purchase of toys, curriculum, play equipment, as well as learning and consumable materials.
2. Retention bonuses for employees.
3. Construction costs related to fences or facility additions that enhance the safety of a facility or allow for an increase in the number of children served.
4. Any fiscal need regarding caring for infants.


Documentation Required:

Receipts or other forms of documentation regarding the use of funds will be required. A short survey regarding the demographics of the families you serve or other programmatic questions may be required at a later date.

Only applicants who submit this application will be considered. This is the official application. Applications must be submitted by January 30, 2023 for consideration.  
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2. Please indicate the number of children you care for below.

If you are a new child care provider and do not have any children, please enter zeros or leave blank.